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August 1, 2016     Around the world and back again... Whole story to follow soon.  
August 1, 2016     Improved design, simplified navigation, all-new photography page.  
July 18, 2016     Something new... Click the banner.  
June 1, 2016     I love mornings. Except for the ones that I don't. Like some Mondays.  
May 30, 2016    

A slightly new look for the homepage to keep up with the evolving design of the photo and blog pages! All site news can now be found here, and the Travel Photo Galleries will now be integrated into the Photography section.

  May 22, 2016     It was about time... To completely revamp the photography page. Check it out here.    
  May 3, 2016     A Sunday afternoon in a sky garden at the top of London. Breathtaking views and reasonably priced pints!    
  April 29, 2016     Trip to a Bristol city centre "Starbucks" on a Friday afternoon.    

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